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Setting and achieving goals in sport, work or life happens through a mixture of talent, hard work and a special kind of determination. Phillips Coaching Services (PCS) partners with individuals and organisations to support their pursuit of goals through proven coaching and mentoring tools and techniques. PCS is led by Anthony Phillips, an experienced sports and business coach, with lifelong experience working with elite athletes.
Sports Coaching

PCS coaches, guides and mentors aspiring young athletes along the pathway to elite sporting success in their chosen field. We provide professional coaching techniques, setting goals and supporting physical development complemented by optimal nutritional guidelines.

Fitness coaching

Do you, or a group, have a specific fitness goal? Always wanted to run a marathon? Or hike through the Himalayas? Achieve the fitness level you are seeking with a tailored plan that encompasses physical and nutritional advice and support.

Business Coaching

Whether you are a business trying to reach the next level or a volunteer-run sporting or community organisation, PCS brings a wealth of business mentoring experience to help develop your strategy, business plan and project execution.

Wellbeing Coaching

Would independent advice and mentoring help you achieve your goal of living a healthier, fitter and more balanced lifestyle? PCS can help develop the customised plan, supported by regular milestone reviews, that you are seeking.


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